Investigating a new wearable device for treating Parkinson’s Disease 

Our ongoing study is investigating the effectiveness of a new wearable device at reducing motor coordination symptoms for individuals with PD. We hope that this study will help lead to the development of technologies that improve the quality of life for individuals living with PD. 



WellPATH is a mobile application designed to improve emotion regulation in people with depression and suicidal thoughts/ideation. The app is designed to complement a therapeutic technique known as Problem Adaptation Therapy (PATH) and can only be prescribed by a therapist trained in PATH. Each WellPATH user is provided a set of custom exercises that are programmed into the application by their therapist.  A clinical trial involving the application is currently being conducted by Dr. Dimitris Kiosses at Weill-Cornell.


Treating chronic pain with Virtual Reality

After spinal cord injury, damaged nerves can send signals to the brain that are incorrectly interpreted as pain. This can result in long-lasting pain referred to as neuropathic pain (NP). The aim of this study is to investigate the therapeutic effects of virtual reality (VR) on reducing NP for people living with spinal cord injury. 


Concussion System 

Concussions have become a major focus in sports programs at all levels. Despite increased attention, an estimated 90% of sports-related concussion go undiagnosed. The Putrino lab is teaming up with HeadSafeIP Pty. Ltd. to clinically trial a low-cost, portable, and user-friendly wearable device that can help determine whether an athlete should seek medical attention following head trauma.

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Telehealth Intervention ProgramS for Seniors (TIPS)

The Putrino Lab is collaborating with the Westchester Public Private Partnership and The Westchester County Government to develop and deploy a community-embedded health monitoring program for high health-risk older adults. The program provides a large range of health and social support services in a highly collaborative community environment. The TIPS initiative has grown over the years and is now providing services in 4 states for more than 1000 older adults. It has won multiple national awards for improving the lives and health outcomes of older adults and promoting healthy aging. 


Symptom tracking with advanced motion capture technology

Clinical scales and evaluations are commonly used to help diagnose, to determine the severity of symptoms, and to track the progression of different conditions over time. Although these scales are considered the gold standard, these scales are often costly to perform and require a clinician to be in the same room as their client. We are using state-of-the-art technologies to automate many of these technologies so that individuals can be empowered to understand daily changes in their symptoms and provide their health professionals with the most accurate and up-to-date information about their health and wellbeing.



The Putrino Lab has partnered with Elliott Spellman, Founder and CEO of FaceGames to develop a software program that allows individuals to independently control any computer by using only their facial expressions and a smartphone camera. Although it is in the early stages of development, this low-cost technology holds the potential to empower many individuals who are unable to move their arms and legs.